We Provide:

Safety training and System related projects.

Long term contracts instead of hired labor.


Vehicles: We service, maintain, do minor repairs and can prepare for roadworthy tests. Planning of recovery for standard vehicles.

Solutions for: Inquiries en terms of service and contract needs, In-source staff, outsource staff, management of non-core business not only limited to operations and maintenance, but can include HR & Financial support and advice.

Workshop services.

Industrial and Commercial cleaning services.

Escort Services: High volume raw material / input material receiving and allocating to the correct warehouse - including all documents related to logistics.

Warehouse Management - final products (Including the loading and offloading).

Operational Services.

Compliance to Safety, Health Environmental, Risk & Quality standards.

We present on site training on ad-hoc basis where required.


We design and presentation of training material.


Horticultural services, installations and maintenance of irrigation systems, and short, medium and long term staff on service contracts.

Mechanical, electrical, pneumatically, scheduling and planning, quality, quality control and managing final product in terms of packing, storing and dispatch to end users.

Postal Address:

P.O Box 6666, Vanderbijpark, 1900

Physical Address:

Corner of Delfos Boulevard and

McColm Boulevard, NW 7, Vanderbijlpark.

A Proud

member of the